Behind the Color Pink and Light Blue

Color is one of the things that can make things look different, and each color has its own meaning. Like when they were babies, parents also specify clothes or the color pink for girls and blue for boys they are.

However, is it ever occurred to you why the colors tend to like one way to distinguish the sexes? Apparently there is a story behind the history of the two colors.

Before the 19th century, it was determined that gender determines the color of the children’s clothes. Girls and boys aged less than 6 years would also be wearing a white dress. The reason, simply for the sake of practicality.
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Selecting So Beautiful Or Smart Women

When young women aged 18-25 years in order to choose between large breasts or high IQ , most of them prefer large breasts. Opinion was revealed in a recent study conducted by a discount website based in the UK.

For what happens to the experts, consciously or not, has taken no small role. Similarly, media and manufacturers also play a very large, they should have the greatest responsibility for the holder of advertisements and imaging stocked absorbed by women and men down to attitude.

Media and the producer is also a stigma about building beautiful and lovely. Beautiful women must be large breasts, like celebrities who paid the manufacturer for imaging.
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World Class Designers Indonesia

Fashion Indonesia today has successfully penetrated into the international world, there are many designers from this country who get awards and be the center of world trends. Batik also now been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. Note also that the designers have the name of Indonesia with their remarkable work.

In Jakarta, only within a few months had been organized two international scale fashion event, Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, held from November 12 to 18 2011 in Pacific Place, and Indonesia Fashion Week 2012, which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center on 23 – February 26, 2012. It proves that fashion Indonesia has received attention from many parties, especially from the fashion lovers.
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Right Costume For Dating Prime

Moment when women know is one of the most challenging for adult men. A woman struggles to conquer his dreams, convinced him to be your partner, the moment to impress, and other forms of struggle. No exception is when dating.

Dating prime must be carried out with special and successful. Well, it turns out dress worn appearance also was an influence on the success of such date. If you want to achieve dating success, there are several tips that can be help you.

Undergoing premiere date is indeed not easy, the agitation would be so heart felt. But you do not need to think about the issue, because there are other factors that are more important in order to succeed the prime date. Factors that meant was the appearance and clothing worn.
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Natural Remedy For Hair

Referred to as the crown of the hair of women, and therefore many of those who keep the hair so that it can continue to look stunning. However, if the hair care should go to a salon? Not necessarily. You can care for the beauty of hair by using natural ingredients that are around.

It’s easy, no need always to the salon, at home you can do it too. Choose natural materials that are around the house to be processed into nutrients for the hair. Here are some materials that can be used for healthy and beautiful hair potion.

This material may be a natural alternative to make beautiful hair, because celery is proven effective to stimulate growth and keep hair healthy and overcome the loss. Use is simple, ie celery that has been pounded massaged into the scalp.
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Remedy To Eliminate Oil On Face

The face is the first thing seen focus, while communicating. All of expression and the expression of the face can be seen. Therefore, you’ll want to have a face look clean and maintained. Whoever did not seem to want to have oily skin.

Having oily skin does not only disturb the appearance, but also can reduce the level of confidence because they do not look up to, especially on the face. Not only that, oily face can also cause pimples and blackheads.

Resentment will include when the skin becomes oily, the face will look dirty, not fresh, shiny, and the makeup was so easily fade. One instant way to remove oil sheen is to refine the face with powder or oil with a tissue. However, if you have to touch up many times a day will clog the pores and skin can not breathe. If so, blackheads and acne will appear.
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Easily Have a Healthy Nails

Every woman must want the body clean, healthy, and well maintained. Not only the shape of the body only, but some other body part would not go unnoticed for prettified. Various treatments were carried out starting from the head to the smallest parts such as hands and feet nails.

To nail itself, there are actually many ways to make it look more clean and healthy without having to spend a lot of money for treatment at the salon. Consider nail care secrets that you can do yourself at home.

Calcium foods
The fiber contained in foods such as fruits and vegetables than good for the body is also beneficial for beauty. By eating healthy foods every day especially those containing calcium such as milk it can make your nails beautiful. Because in milk contains vitamin A and B2 and iron that works to strengthen nails that are not easily broken, and accelerate the growth of nails.
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Adding glasses look more Sexy

Glasses today are not only used by the minus-eyed course, there are many people who edged normal use accessories to create a slightly different appearance. It should be recognized that there is a distinct impression when someone wearing glasses, as well as removing the minus-eyed glasses.

Over time, the shape of glasses are increasingly growing and diverse. Even the accessories that one can be an interesting blend of the clothing worn. If the glasses are compatible with the user’s face, appearance can be much more charming than when he was not wearing them.

Not only that, a survey conducted by SelectSpecs, a manufacturer of reading glasses in the UK, found that men who wear glasses is much more appealing in the eyes of women. The experiment was done by putting the male model photo 5 people on public roads. With 2 categories of poses, that wearing glasses and no. Continue reading “Adding glasses look more Sexy”

Celebrity Face Perfect World

Everyone must want to have a perfect face. With a beautiful, clean, and certainly interesting. Especially for public figures, they always want to perform to the maximum to satisfy his fans and add to the value of the image they’ve built.

Man is never satisfied. For a beauty, they are willing to spend tens or even hundreds of millions to make herself more beautiful than it already is. In fact, not a few who do plastic surgery to make them beautiful dreams.

Magazine Marie Claire, Australia released the parts of the face of the world famous celebrities that are considered beautiful, and united into one perfect beautiful face. To make the face beautiful and perfect it, the magazine used data from leading experts around the world. Furthermore, in the last 12 months tramstop concluded the face which is the most desirable for surgery. Continue reading “Celebrity Face Perfect World”

Ambulatory Care Eye Glasses Like

Glasses are not just used by the owners of the senses of vision disorders alone. Today, sunglasses have become one complementary fashion accessories that can make the wearer seem more attractive.

In addition, the glasses can also help protect the UV rays while outdoors, especially while exercising. Apparently quite a lot of the benefits of eyeglasses, and can be used by everyone.

The more often wear glasses, you should even more understand how to treat these accessories are quite important. Because usually, a lot of people who only know how to wear it without knowing how to take care of glasses in order to last a long time and still function properly.
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